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Aerial Crop Application Services for Alberta Farms & Ranches

Quikway Air Services offers aerial applications of crop protection products and micro-nutrients utilizing turbine powered Air Tractor® aircraft. Farmers across Alberta, depend on this service to produce healthier crops. Aerial applications are widely viewed as the safest, fastest, most economical and most efficient method of delivery of products needed to help grow your crops to their highest yielding potential.

GPS-Navigated Crop Dusting for Alberta

We utilize the latest onboard GPS navigation guidance systems. You can be assured of an even spray and distribution across your fields.

In one hour, Quikway Air Services is able to accomplish what it would normally take hours a day to achieve with ground based distribution methods. You won’t have compacted soils or crop trampling with aerial applications. Crop diseases are not spread from field to field.

For a healthy farm or ranch, schedule your aerial crop application today!

NAAA Member

Why does society need aerial application and crop protection products? Find out in the National Agricultural Aviation Association’s new brochure, “ Flying for Your Food and Much More!” The brochure addresses questions about pesticide use, organic versus conventionally grown food, the safety and security of agricultural aviation and whether ag pilots will be replaced by crop-spraying UAVs in the future.

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