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Alberta Chartered Passenger Flights & Aerial Sightseeing

Single Engine Passenger Flights

Quikway Air Services offers single engine passenger flights for travel in Western Canada in our Cessna 182 Aircraft. As a Transport Canada-approved charter service, you can expect a safe and reliable flight, navigated by an experienced and certified pilot.

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Sightseeing Tours

If you’ve never taken the opportunity to view Alberta from high above the Earth, now is your chance. Quikway Air Services offers affordable sightseeing tours across the southern portion of the province, where you will discover the aerial majesty of such attractions as Lake Newell, the Brooks Aqueduct, Dinosaur Provincial Park, the Bow and Red Deer Rivers, just to name a few locations.

Dinosaur Provincial Park Flight Tour

To appreciate something so big, the best view is from the air. During a sightseeing tour over Dinosaur Provincial Park, you will soon discover that the only way to fully appreciate the site is from a bird’s eye view. The majestic, undisturbed landscape scenes offered by this UNESCO World Heritage Site are examples of badlands topography at its finest! The park is situated in the valley of the Red Deer River. This is a 35 minute tour, with 3 person occupancy.

County of Newell Flight Tour

Discover why the Brooks Aqueduct is one of Alberta’s “Top 10” engineering milestones and a treasured National Historic Site. Along this tour, you will also take in the amazing scenery and landscapes of Dinosaur Provincial Park, Red Deer River, Lake Newell, one of the largest man-made reservoirs in Alberta and Bow River up to the Bassano Dam. This is a 50-minute tour with 3 person occupancy.

Personalized Aerial Tours & Flights

Should you wish to design your own aerial tour, perhaps viewing your ranch or farm, please do not hesitate to contact us for details. We would be happy to accommodate such requests. Such tours and/or flights would be tailored to your individual wishes.

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